Youtubers are the exact thing you don’t want as a newbie in crypto


A colleague of mine asked me about crypto a few months ago and since then he said he started watching crypto Youtubers. And unfortunately its not the good kind of youtubers like Guy from CoinBureau or Ben Cowen..

My dude went straight to the shit tier of crypto youtubers. Those Youtubers are straight out pump and dumpers who buy their coin pre-pump and then start shilling it. And when the dump beings they start claiming that its just a dip and buy the dip or dont trust the fud. Then there is those stupid thumbnails, x1000 and 😮 faces

Also many of these youtubers play the drama card. Drama and scandals always sell. So when the market dips they go full drama “OH GOD NO DIPPING SO HARD” or ” TOLD YOU TO SELL” and so on.

If you are someone who just started getting into crypto…I would highly advise you to stay away from such people and just go with some high quality channels which I’m going to list:

– Coin Bureau

– Benjamin Cowen

– JRNY Crypto

– Invest Answers

These channels are absolute top tier. Trust me.

Many of the newbies only see their investment and they want it to go up and only up. Most of them are not yet used or understand the market fluctuations. Hell even I dont know half of the time why it dips or rises. At least not until new start coming in.

Newbies, don’t get hooked with those low level youtube channels who want your money or just turn like the wind does.

Be safe, be rad and have an amazing weekend!

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