YouTuber who promoted Crypto Scam to 75,000 People Live now Complains that No One Watches him Anymore


YouTuber and streamer Adin Ross has promoted a crypto scam to its viewers for a payment of $200,000

He has promoted this live to 75,000 people

Following being exposed for scamming his viewers, he said this:

“that MILF token sht I did a while back, I already told you guys to not buy that sht. I got paid a bag to do that sht. Like I don’t give a f*k, I hope none of you guys actually bought it”

Now he is complaining about the dropping number of people who actually watch his content, I wonder why this could be the case?

Stop supporting any crypto content creator (YouTuber/live streamer) who promotes scams, they make millions each year, they are in no position to additionally scam their community

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