You’re Only Going to Hear From Half of r/CC tomorrow


As sure as the charts go to the right, one thing is for certain.

You will either hear,

“AHAHAHA should have bought the dip, it was obvious.”

“Why did you Sell Low, Now You’ll Buy High”

“Never a doubt”

“This is why you HODL”

“Imagine selling LOLOL”


“We told you to sell, that’s why you’ll ride this thing down forever”

“Always take profits”

“Insert Doom and Gloom here”

Just know, that whatever happens you’ll only hear from half of this sub, and it will make it sound like the situation was easy to read and it was obvious. It isn’t and dont feel wrong if you misread it.

This is why you have a plan before hand and stick with it

Edit: More like 60 percent, because you’ll have the:

“This is why you DCA” and the people who don’t even read the material and only posts for the moons here regardless.

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