Your small investment is worth it



A lot of times you see articles about how these individuals have bought large sums of crypto worth thousands if not millions, and read stories about how someone sunk $5-8k into an alt and it turned into millions (if not billions). Do not get discouraged by what others are able to invest. Your $10-20 is totally worth it.

We all have different jobs, different goals, different responsibilities, different investment strategies, so stick to what works best for you.

Please only invest what you are okay losing, but even small sums can turn into very large gains in the future. Going to other subs seeing people buying thousands of sol or tens of thousands of matic when your goal was 100 sol or 500 matic is okay. You invest for you.

Especially newer investors thinking they missed the boat and need to drop huge sums in order to play catch up — is not necessary.

Throwing even $5 a week into a coin you believe in can ultimately make a difference 5-10 years down the road. We are all here with the belief crypto can create financial independence for all of us, so stick to your own strategies and investment means. No one knows if we will go up or down from here, just stay the course.

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