Your prediction of the top 15 cryptos by end of 2022: gainers πŸ”Ό and losers πŸ”½


Which cryptos will benefit the most from a re-start of a bull run or resist better to a potential crypto winter is the question we ask ourselves everyday. If we focus on the current top 15 cryptos, how do you think the ranking will change by the end of 2022? Let’s name the coins you believe will join the top 15 and those that instead will drop out of it.

Here my view:

πŸ”Ό ALGO, LRC, CRO (but I also believe a lot in FTM and ONE)

πŸ”½ XRP, DOGE, SHIB – I don’t think they will necessary fall out of grace since the big communities behind, but I feel they will make space to other coins at the top (while maybe remaining in the top 20)

Very curious to see your opinion guys!

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