Your Crypto Recap is Here!


Hi, r/cc user, welcome to your Crypto Recap. Get ready to look back and move forward.

You earned -$534 on shitcoins and rugpulls this year. Well done!

You spent 234 hours moon farming this year, shilling 43 projects. That’s honest work.

One post stood out from the crowd: Mark My Words, Bitcoin is Going to 100K End of December!!! 3.6k upvotes on this post of yours. That’s some quality internet content right there.

Your top comment was We don’t know shit about fuck, which you repeated 23 times in November.

Thanks for hanging with us in 2021. Next year you might want to try these: r/therapy, r/personalfinance, and r/HowToTellYourWifeYouLostAllYourSavingsOnMemeCoins

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