Your coin’s price could be down 85% from 1 year ago and still have a higher market cap than it did 1 year ago. Be cautious of heavily released coins/tokens from the past year!


This is something I’ve noticed in particular with the coin The Graph (GRT):

The price 1 year ago was around $0.84-0.96 each and the market cap was about $1 billion.
Today GRT is $0.16 each but the market cap is $1.1 billion

That means since there are 8x as many coins circulating, the price now is equal to what it was a year ago and would have to reach new market cap highs for the price to “recover”

Graph isn’t alone as many coins and tokens from the past year have had intense emissions and released many if not all of their coins in the past year.

Be mindful of the market cap as well as the price!

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