Your $30 investment is great! Don’t get discouraged when you see people throwing thousands of dollars into crypto.


If you’re new in crypto space and just started investing and see people throwing thousands of dollars into crypto don’t be discouraged, your 30$ investment can go a long way.

Everyone’s in it for their own gain so invest on your own terms. Don’t make rash decisions and invest responsibly. Even if you feel the urge to increase your investment remind yourself if you’re willing to loose all the money. Your real life responsibility > investing in crypto. Build up your emergency fund. Pay off debt. Spend some money and enjoy life. Gains aren’t made from 1 time investments. Slowly build up your bag. DCA will get you way further in the long run.

What is more important in my opinion is the experience you gain from beeing in the market. A lot of new players will get burned trying to leverage and daytrade. Getting a feel for how the market moves will put you ahead for your future investments.

We’re here for a while lads so let’s enjoy the ride together.

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