Youhodler changing contract is shady as f


Youhodler is now proposing a contractual change. I actually read the papers. Well, they are introducing a pretty important novelty, that you are required to accept: a new company (Naumard LTD, based in cyprus) becomes the owner of all your assets (wallets & “rewards” aka interest). Youhodler SA (based in switzerland) is the owner of “conversions” – whatever that means.

I took some time to learn more about Naumard and well… turns out to be an empty shell company with a fake website ( and non-existing people.

Here is the cyprus registry: here is the open corporate registry:

None of the directors seem to be on linkedin, except for which is clearly a freelance and listed as “Head of partnerships”. Everyone else, does not exist. Youhodler SA (based in switzerland) is owner of the “Conversions” (apparently, whatever that means).

I’m out. Bye and thanks for all the fish.

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