You wouldn’t have held BTC even if you bought in under $1 in 2009 and deep down you know it!


Do you remember the time when you first heard of Bitcoin? What was your first thought?
Some fake digital money, ponzi scammy scheme?
Yeah, most of us did. This is why so few of us actually invested back than and even those who did didn’t have even the 80% of the conviction we have today.
BTC is now 13 years old, we have seen it rally, we have seen it fall down to almost nothing and it has persisted the test of time. We know this now, but nobody knew it back than.

If you invested back than and got your money x10, chances of you not cashing out and are very close to zero, because at that time, back than this is what any sane person would have done.

Don’t kill your vibe with ”what if I bought and held, I would’ve been a millionaire by now!’. No. You didn’t buy because you didn’t have the conviction and free money to risk. You wouldn’t have held, because the risk back than was way way bigger than it is now.

Be easy on yourself, keep healthy.
Stay positive and pay attention on your actions now, no reason to live in the past.

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