You wanna know how early you are in Crypto,people are still stuck in “BTC only used to buy drugs” era!


Sometimes I just go on other subs to check out People’s view about Crypto,today I visited r/technology sub There is a hot post on the sub ,an old news article about Crypto :

“Bitcoin miners resurrect fossil fuel power plant, Drawing backlash from Environmentalists”

Here are the some of the top comments

Here come the Crypto miners to attempt to push this into the dirt.I can’t hear you over the sound of the GPU market on flames

How else will I make millions in Cumcoin so that I can buy an NFT of a rainbow monkey wearing a crown to make my profile picture on Twitter? This is the future we were waiting for.

What a monumental pointless waste.Its not only the plant spewing out CO2 for nothing, it’s also the astronomical e-waste of all those servers just burning energy to make speculative bullshit

Mining Crypto needs to be permanently banned in all countries

Blockchain as a concept is very intriguing, but I have yet to read but I have yet to read a sufficient explanation of what problem Cryptocurrency solves outside of avoiding regulation from existing markets and nation states

I think the reasons you listed is the only reason what they don’t consider is that in a world where the current government backed currencies stop working, they probably won’t have electricity or any network to use Bitcoin.And with an upper limit of 20k transactions per hour, if everyone were to use it, they can only do one transaction every 50years

As long as we allow this BS we don’t have to talk about electric cars and biodegradable straws

All for something that’s sole practical use is to buy drugs and payoff ransomware. The world weeps

It is also used for international money laundering and human trafficking

Crypto is nothing but a scam most of the time and at best it’s just a way for the wealthy to hide their money and purchase drugs anonymously

To sum it up, People outside Crypto subs, have the opinion BTC is a scam, only used to buy drugs, used in money laundering,consumes energy. Same circle jerk arguments used 5-7 years ago.,nothing new.

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