You think you know how to copy/paste, until you have to bet thousands on it.


Just transferred some ADA to Celsius, and while the process is beyond simple (copy paste address, confirm correct network), as soon as my entire stack of coins is on the line, I suddenly become my own grandma – What the hell is keyboard shortcuts, I prefer a right click > copy > right click paste, son. Trying to confirm I pasted it correctly, I suddenly need glasses and the latin alphabet turn into hieroglyphs, apparently. And once it’s sent I immediately panic and wonder if I did this or that wrong, like a perpetual second guessing of “did I turn off the stove??!” while boarding a flight.

The best way to compare it is I know I can balance on a 3 feet wide plank, but raise it 100 feet above the ground and suddenly I cant even walk. With mornings like these, who needs coffee. Still havent recieved my ADA though, maybe 35 is a good age to start smoking?

Edit: Update since so many are worried, it’s in!

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