You probably would have lost everything in the dotcom boom.


Sorry to break this news to you, but yes, you probably would have bought instead of the googles or amazons of the dotcom era. We are in a different market, but people tend to be the same more or less.

While hype is important, it can only last for so long. Everyone here probably knows a talker, someone who can really sell themselves, but when it comes time for them to perform they just don’t measure up. Most crypto tokens are this way. Most crypto tokens have a rabid fan base who loves to talk about how great their token is. The token is going to be revolutionary. The token has so much potential. The token is so great that they haven’t even taken 5 minutes to play its game, service, product or convince someone to even use it.

Imagine this for a moment. There are thousands of tokens out there all vying for adoption yet nobody is actually adopting them. On the protocol level theres hundreds of tokens fighting to be the pipes and wires like the hundreds of telecom companies that came before them who now only have a few remaining and surviving. On the user level theres hundreds of tokens that cant even get 100 app store reviews or 100+ daily users.

I challenge you to ask yourself what crypto applications do you use everyday? What crypto applications do you see your parents, grandparents, coworkers, etc using? If its a pipe or wire, then what makes it stand out from the others like the hundreds of telecom giants that failed before it?

Theres only two crypto companies that I know of with over 50m users and the third will be hitting that in about a month or two and the fourth will hit that in probably 14 months from now. If you cant name these 4 companies or get close then theres a pretty good chance you would have never bet on the amazons or googles.

If you are doing what everyone else is doing then you are going to be like everyone else. The people in this market who are going to be millionaires and billionaires are going to be the ones who tap the value in undervalued coins and tokens, the creators, or the ones who just see what nobody else sees. There is still insane opportunity out there hiding in plain sight. The biggest businesses in the world create the products/services you use every single day. You don’t have to look far to find those “hidden gems” trust me on this, they are not hiding.

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