You need One Million dollars to break even on a SOL node. This is a huge problem for SOL.


Reposting because the automod deleted it.

Two data centers control 45% of the Solana network.

This is very centralized.

In order to run your own Solana node, you have to pay 5000$ minimum for the hardware, and you also need to pay 1.1 sol per day. This works out to 70,000$ per year. You also need to pay for the electricity to run your computer 24/7, let’s say 3000$ as a very conservative estimate.

Since Solana has around an 8% APY, that means that you need 1 Million dollars in SOL to BREAK EVEN. You are losing money on a Solana node unless you have more than 1 Million dollars. This is a fucking joke. How can we call a platform decentralized when it costs 1 Million dollars to run a node, and 2 data centers essentially control the network?

I know this is going to get downvoted because this sub loves SOL, but whatever. I need to share the truth no matter how unpopular it is.

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