You may think buying in small amounts isn’t worth it… IT IS!


Everyone’s gotta start somewhere… I remember chucking my first $20 into crypto… and (just about!) remember my balance hitting the first $100! That was a couple of years ago now; the numbers on the stacks is a-little bigger, but the amounts I invest are not.

Pretty much every week or two I buy, and around once a month I on-ramp a little FIAT, the rest comes from my stablecoin stash (I have original investment + a very healthy profit) – I’m a pretty active trader. My main HODL stacks just get added to over time, I trade with around 10-15% of my balance.

It doesn’t matter if you trade, or just HODL, don’t be disheartened if you feel your stacks aren’t big enough or you can’t afford to invest enough – knuckle down and DCA nice and steady; you’ll get there and probably catch some dips the longer you keep chipping in!

Even though some of my stacks feel relatively big to me; I still keep adding slowly but surely, and over time it builds; have patience, find the cheapest on-ramp for buying with FIAT that you can.

TL;DR Have patience, keep stacking regularly – you’d be surprised how your balance builds over time!

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