You like history? On this day back in 2015 things were different. This is how it looked like.


Just some 6 years ago, things were completely different. This is how the world of Crypto looked like back on 18.10.2015.

Bitcoin price was $261.64

Ethereum price was $0.5177 (Wow OMG)

Bitcoin Market Cap was similar to Aave Market cap today (~$3.9 B)

Btcoin, Ethereum, XRP and DOGE are the only coins in top 10 back in 2015 which are still in top 10 today

Peercoin once a top 10 coin under #9 is currently ranked #756

There is a coin called TRMB which was ranked #13 back in 2015, now seems to be defunct on CMC and is sadly on the watchlist of just 12 people 🙁

Dash, Peercoin, MaidsafeCoin and BitShares are four of the top 10 coins which are outside top 50 today

Eager to see what the future will bring. How do you imagine the crypto world on 18.10.2027?

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