You know when your 70 year old dad text you about a crypto, it is probably too late.


Recently. Meaning two days ago. My dad text me and said, “you have some of that cryptocurrency, right? My friend who is very smart was telling me about cardio. Do you have any?”

And yes. He said cardio. Not an auto correct. He was obviously talking about ADA, cardano.

And we all know the saying, buy the rumor, sell the news.

Not financial advice. But if my elderly dad is texting me about ADA, it seems like it is too late to buy in, in my opinion.

Maybe I am wrong and my dad is a fucking genius with smart ass friends. Or maybe the saying holds true.

Edit: you know what’s a bit fucked up about this sub. People are more wiling to give comments more upvotes than the actual post. I upvote everyone. Why are you all so chicken shit to upvote posts. This is why moons suck. Fuck this whole moons system. Downvote this to hell. I don’t care. But this sub needs to change.

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