You know if you guys all stopped leverage trading, the market would be a lot more stable and we’d probably get widespread adoption much sooner


One of the main things keeping a lot of people from getting into crypto is the volatility of the market. A large part of that is due to massive amounts of shorts or longs being liquidated over a short period of time. Earlier today, almost $215 million in crypto positions were liquidated within about an hour, causing a sizable drop in price for almost every asset. This may be temporary, and we’ve definitely seen worse, but I do think this kind of volatility only delays widespread adoption.

When we have big sudden drops or spikes in price, it’s almost always because people just can’t resist trading with leverage. I don’t know how many times people here have said to stay away from leverage, but people just can’t resist the chance to make a lot of money in a short period of time. With how volatile the crypto market is, it’s really not worth it. Honestly, you are much more likely to get liquidated than make money from leverage trading. All you’re doing is contributing to volatility in the market, and most likely throwing away your hard-earned cash.

Don’t leverage trade. Even if you think you know what you’re doing, you almost certainly don’t. Buy low, DCA, stake, lend, and grow your money over time. It’s a much more stable and far less risky way to make money. Widespread adoption will come even sooner if the market is stable. Just stay away from leverage guys.

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