You Just Surpassed All Of Your Targets For Your Biggest Crypto Holdings and You’ve Cashed Out Most of Bags…Now What Do You Do?


I know it’s a looooong ways out for most of us but it’s out there: The end of our crypto journey. We’re constantly being told how early we are–still–and one day this idling rocket ship will reach the moon, and when it does, we are going to take the money and…what? Run? Reinvest? Open a business? Blow it on corn dogs and carnival rides?

I have my own long-term plans. Of course, those might change as the years go by. IOW, I know we are YEEEARS away from most of us reaching our $$ goals with coin. But that’s no reason not to plan/dream/plot/scheme with the million$ we’re all going to make off of this stuff.

This is a legit question because one of the most valuable things you can have in hand is a plan–knowing your destination is crucial to success in just about everything you do. Putting our money and hope into crypto is simply the first step of a long journey to…what? If you end up with those millions, whaddya gonna do?

I’m really curious to hear all of your plans and ideas.

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