You have won $500,000 in the lottery, how much would you invest in crypto now?


In a fortunate event you happen to win $500,000 in a lottery, free tax free money and you can do everything you like with it. For some that’s Lambo territory gains.

But would you invest in crypto with your winnings? How much would you invest and in what coins? Lump sum investment or DCAing in a bigger amount than your usual DCA?

I am very interested in your strategy to gain max profit or more safety or something in between.

Current prices of the top 10 are: -date- 11/12/2021

BTC $64,108.81

ETH $4,670.88

BNB $626.04

USDT $1.00

SOL $231.73

ADA $2.06

XRP $1.20

DOT $45.75

USDC $1.00

DOGE $0.2594

SHIB $0.00005243

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