You have $5k right this second and can buy one coin, what is it?


I’m thinking of dropping a few grand into a coin but I’m trying to weigh them all out for a couple of factors.

I plan to HODL until at least 2022 as I believe this lul is soon to be over.

So while I hold I want to stake. But not locked in, just in case any ridiculous price action happens I’d like to be able to sell quick.

So what shows the most potential for growth, has good staking abilities and is not a moonshot shit coin? I already have a few of those I’m rolling the dice on.

Right now my most tempting option is ADA. But ETH sounds tempting too if it hit 10k that’d be 5x. XRP is very tempting but I don’t think it can be staked, and is really dependent on that silly lawsuit, I feel there’s an unprecedented pent up price long built into it that will spring.

Heck, part of me suspects that the bear trot we’re in right now will be dramatically reversed once XRP settles and explodes.

Maybe I should get XRP for a month just in case.. If ti jumps but the market doesn’t, then I can just put moar into ADA

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