You got SCAMMED. You didn’t get HACKED! For God’s sake learn the difference and if you think you got ‘HACKED’, write the details as to what happened so the community can learn what the f* happened and not panic for their crypto money.


Crypto Wojak 1: “Guys I got hacked. Lost $100 gazillion. My funds were on Metamask.”

Crypto Wojak 2: “Oh fuck Metamask ffs!!!”

10 hours later:

Crypo Wojak 1: “Oh guys I totally forgot to say this but I clicked a Discord link and they asked me to validate my wallet for free NFTs so I put in my seed phrase and after that my funds were drained. But lemme just write a post saying I got HACKED and METAMASK SUXXXX!!!!”


For fuck’s sake, most of the people that lost their crypto money got SCAMMED, not HACKED. Did someone suddenly invent a quantum computer capable of breaking SHA-256 cryptography? Because that’s literally what it takes to ‘hack’ your crypto wallet without your seed phrase.

The whole point of crypto is that NOBODY, no MACHINE, no CIA, no NSA, no Illuminati, no Bogdanoff can HACK your crypto wallet, that’s the whole fucking point of crypto ffs. So you can fucking imagine why ppl start to panic when some rando Wojaks that got scammed like a noob but cries out loud how he got ‘hacked’. Then everyone starts to think ‘what if this happened to me????’ and ‘does this mean Ledger and Metamask are not safu??’

If only people could be clear and write out step by step what actually happened and stop spreading these bullshit fear stories.

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