You got 0,1 BTC? A reminder that you are in the top 6% of adress holders


I was checking the bitinfocharts and realized that even if you hold 0,1 BTC you are in the top 6% of adress holders, if you hold 0,01 BTC you are in the top 15%, 0,001 BTC gets you into top 24% and lastly anything between 0 and 0,001 BTC lands you in top 51% of adress holders.

These numbers may vary of course but what you might perceive as a small amount or nothing can still make you a hefty penny. But also, if you happen to be amongst the top 51% of adress holders, remember that this is still early and that you will catch up to whatever crypto related goals you have way before 90% of all people who actually might be too late to grow their capital as you’ve had the opportunity to do.

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