You can tip and get tipped BAT on Reddit (for those unaware)


Most of you are familiar with Brave and the BAT token, earning tiny bit of BAT each month by using the browser. If you use Brave while browsing and interacting with this sub you can earn moons + BAT. However this isn’t the only synergy/similarity these 2 tokens have, you can also tip on Reddit using both.

In this sub the preferred method is using moons of course, since that’s our thing, but I wonder how many members are aware that you can also tip using BAT?

If you’re using the Brave browser you can see the little triangle icon under posts or comments left by users

The thing is, even if you aren’t interested in tipping anyone, this is still something you should be aware of if using Brave, because you could get tips if you have connected your Reddit account to Brave Creators.

If someone tries tipping a user who has not set up their Brave Creator account and linked it to Reddit (or Youtube, Twitch, etc, etc.) they’re met with this message;

Every member appears to have a tip button in the eyes of someone browsing with Brave, however most accounts have not been set up to receive tips. This is very similar to the moon vault situation, where a lot of people on this sub don’t have their vaults open.

If you’re using Brave you should consider linking it to your accounts, if you aren’t using Brave, consider giving it a try.

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