You can now buy a vagina with cryptocurrency. This is not a drill. This is your chance.

You can now buy a vagina with cryptocurrency. This is not a drill. This is your chance.


Hello r/cryptocurrency,

Today for show and tell I would like to share something from a project I have been following: a Vagina. This vagina is modeled after (adult) actress Nicole Aniston’s vagina, and is supposedly an actual depiction of said actresses’ vagina. This vagina was used in a movie as a prop and is a real thing that exists – and it’s available for purchase as of today!

Yes, that is a sprinkler.

According to its description: “However, it’s not just a large vagina, it’s also a water slide!” This shows that you can set this up in your backyard pool and it will be a great addition the friends and family will love. They’ll ask you what that is and how you got it, and you will tell them will the biggest grin on your face. And then you’ll show them that the clitoris does indeed have a built-in sprinkler.

It’s all part of an NFT collection from the movie Reboot Camp, which casts Nicole Aniston. With the purchase of the NFT titled “Rebooting the Vajayjay”, you will receive the physical vagina as well as an invitation (+1 friend) to the red carpet screening of the film at the Cinelounge Theatre in Hollywood where you can actually meet Nicole and tell her “I own your vagina. Both on the blockchain and in real life.” Okay don’t say that, but really you could meet her. Not all heroes wear capes, ya know.

Obviously, it’s 1/1 one of it’s kind. The associated NFT for ownership of this vagina is up for auction for the next 11 hours or so and as I’m writing this the current price is only 0.15 ETH (~$500?). If you are a home owner, that is not a bad price for a usable water slide you will keep forever. And then resell it to your friends. Happy bidding, my friends.

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