You Can Go Berserk on Moons. Full clarity Given By Reddit.


You guys would have already seen the rising post regarding the statements on Moons, that was just a small context here’s the wider version of that PDF

Green Days

Freaking Highlight that M word, Reddit never ever said that in any previous statements.

the MD’s are being thanked for their efforts. And huge use cases for moons coming in!!!!!!!

Community Points can be transferred to any redditor who has created a Vault or to any other
Ethereum blockchain address for safe-keeping.

Until last time Reddit purposely rejected the idea of moving the moons outside of the vault, this completely

And now for the fukcin big one

This one was all that sums up. This is particularly huge for moons, in the long run lot of usecases are coming in for moons

i smell Mainnet Coming soon

and also thank that OP for bringing this out in public!!!

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