You CAN find a x100 coin. You just CAN’T hodl it long enough to take x100 profits.


Nowadays people think those times when they could find a 100x belong to the past. Let me tell you that is a completely false assumption.

Investors of today miss one of the most important requirements in order to be a good investor : Patience. You see them complaining about their coin not moving for a whole week while others are pumping. Dear friends, do you realize what the fuck you are saying? Getting a 100x coin needs time and luck.

In the stock market if you have doubled your investments in 10 years you are considered successful. Crypto is way more volatile so don’t be greedy or you will end up day trading. When i started investing in crypto i made the same mistakes as you. I still do. But i have learned one thing. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Now i haven’t touched my portfolio for over a year. I have the king, some alts and a handful of micro cap gems i believe in. Guess what, some of them have x5. The old me would have sold way earlier. If i am lucky in a few years i will be able to see a x100 who knows!

Moral of the story : **Grow some fucking patience.**

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