You all cry about Doge and Shiba while BNB quietly crawls back into top 3. This is much worse for crypto


Binance is the biggest exchange and it holds most of the crypto in the world – that’s bad, mmmkay?

But not only theyre biggest exchange but they also launched their own blockchain – and that blockchain is SUPER CENTRALIZED

There are only 21 nodes on Binance smart chain! Bitcoin has 14 thousand nodes! Ethereum has 3 thousand nodes!

And if that isnt enough – Binance can choose all those nodes xD

But wait! Theres more! -> Binance chain is full of SCAM PROJECTS, almost every day a project on binance SCAM chain is rug pulled

BNB being one of the top coins is WORSE than Doge and Shiba being top coins

Change my mind

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