Yes we exist. There are those of us that are in it for the wealth AND because we think the tech is badass.


So many self-righteous posts about how disappointed the OP is in the rest of us for being focused on making profits. Well, I may have only been in crypto for about a year now but I have loved every minute of learning/experiencing blockchain, liquidity pairing, DEX, software wallets, shitcoin YOLOs, etc. I also look forward to continuing to watch all the new things that will get invented in years to come. That said, the profits have also been fucking awesome! Do the try-hards really not understand how great it is that we can make so much money in a sector that we all enjoy so much?!? With exception of the lucky few who truly found a career path & job combo that brings them enjoyment & total fulfillment everyday…most things we do for income are, on average, healthily mundane. Time to get off the high horses, uncork those sphincters, and start focusing on enjoying this shit a little bit.

TLDR; take out the pacifier & have fun with the rest of us because there is plenty to be had.

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