Yes newcomers, it will always be this way. The constant stream of BS from China will mess with the markets For. Ev. Er. Just HODL


I think a lot of us have noticed the average retail investor is starting to jump back into crypto, but what newcomers might not be used to is just how prevalent volatility like we’re seeing right now is in the market. It’s not just a one off thing, it has happened like this every few weeks for as long as I can remember.

The one thing you should remember – China’s BS doesn’t cause bear markets, only dips. If you have some money on the side to buy the dip, good job, but if not, don’t sell out of some fear it’s all ending. It’s not all ending. China just sucks and will always suck and when some news comes out that stirs shit up, just HOLD ON FOR DEAR LIFE. Things will settle down eventually.

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