WOW. I just posted asking for help. In 5 minutes 5 different users tried to scam me.


Wow. I just did a post asking if I had lost 20$ on a small transaction… 30 seconds later I got a message offering help and saying I could “re-validate the transaction with the idapps interface”. Quick google showed scam but I let him go on. Sent me a link and instructions that I should link my wallet inserting the seed phrase. A minute later another, then another, than another. There were 3 when I began writing and now there are 5. Some say I have to input my phrase to get a QR code or even a “bar code”! I’m missing 20 bucks here, guys. I can imagine what happens to people who announce problems with bigger amounts…

A word of advice: If someone has something good to say, they will do it in the open, using the comments. Don’t trust people who are trying to help you on the side. Not here.

Should I edit and add their usernames on this post or is it against the community rules?

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