Would you return $22mil in ETH, if it were sent to you by mistake?


So, as you know, recently Bitfinex spent 7,626ETH to send 100k USDT to Diversifi. I know, I know, jokes are there, gas fees are high, I have probably spent more than that paying gas fees for buying meme coins on Uniswap etc.

I’ll try to keep my personal feelings on Bitfinex (and the fact they are a part of the biggest reason of BTC volatility due to futures market manipulation) to myself. But the miner returned it. Well, they kept 50 ETH, but let’s pretend they returned everything, and do an experiment here.

Would you personally return it or not?

Reasons for return: we should be better than this. It is morally right. $20mil makes you a target (that’s easily identifiable on the blockchain or if you ever communicated with an address on an exchange that does KYC).

Reasons for not returning: if I misspell the address or don’t check the gas fee cost, it’s on me and I should bite the bullet. Why should this not be the case for Bitfinex? Oh, and yeah, $20mil changes life for me and 3 generations behind me.

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