Would it be wise to stake 7 or 8 figures in a stablecoin?


If I hypothetically came across like 5 to 10 million dollars, and turned it into a stablecoin like USDC would it be wise to just leave it all staked for 10%?

Or do most exchanges not let you stake that much money in the first place? Sorry if I sound stupid, I’m just a bit new to all this stuff on crypto! I also don’t have that much to invest, but I always wondered what’s stopping millionaires from just leaving millions of dollars and getting a massive return on it by staking into a stablecoin.

It’s always sat in the back of my mind as to how come I don’t hear more about this. It just seems like a reasonable way to consistently gain a lot of money without really losing anything, unless somehow USDC and crypto overall just disappears the next day.

Edit: Genuinely not a whale, it was something my friends and I were talking about for fun. It just made me wonder why more well off people just don’t stake into stablecoins, since they said they wanted to stake it into other coins that isn’t a stablecoin to stake for a higher APY.

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