“Work-to-Earn” is the latest viral trend to keep crypto investors occupied as markets head deep into bearish territory.


After the massive success of play-to-earn, walk-to-earn and eat-to-earn, it is now the turn of work-to-earn to share some of the spotlight as crypto investors find the next best opportunity to make life changing income that can last a couple of weeks.

Unlike play-to-earn and walk-to-earn which require participants to play mobile games or walk to earn crypto tokens which could be traded for other digital assets and stablecoins, work-to-earn requires participants to partake in much more traditional activities to earn fiat currency. Some of the popular work-to-earn options include working in restaurant outlets and in the food delivery business.

One of the largest crypto hiring companies McDonalds has reported a huge increase in job applications that the company says has already outpaced the frenzy from 2021’s summer. A company spokesperson said quite a few of the new job applicants had reported losing significant percentage of their savings in a lunar themed investment vehicle, and are willing to work overtime shifts to feed their families.

Crypto markets have seen a wide self off and drop in activity since the start of the year as global economic woes continue, but innovative schemes like play-to-earn and work-to-earn provide income opportunities for those who are willing to put in the effort.

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