Without people FOMOing, we can never reach new ATHs!


At first I want to honestly thank everyone who FOMOed and leads us to new ATHs (soon).

Without those investors, crypto would never be what it has become now. Everytime the prices surge I see always the same posts to call people to stop FOMO.

2 weeks ago when the number #1 coin hit back to $50k, also people called out to stop FOMO.

This is just unhonesty in its purest form!

Some people praise DYOR, they say that they know shit about f-ck, they say they do no financial advise, but they say do not FOMO??!

If I havent DCA when it reached back $52k, I would have lost on some juicy gains.

tl;dr Listen to yourself, people always call out for buys or stop FOMOs

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