Without Ethereum, crypto adoption wouldn’t be a 10th what it is now.


Likely even r/cc would only have 300K Max members. It made possible the glorified ERC-20 token, and protocols to make creating your own crypto stupid cheap. From an investment standpoint.

The amount of shitcoins that used it as tokenized shares for whatever vaporized miracle they were claiming to be apart of is unfathomable.

The quick profits and unimaginable turn around on creating shitcoins drove more hype to create more shitcoins, and the end around caused an explosion of gossip, and rumors that lead to bullrun on crypto.

The machine just didn’t stop there. Smart contracts led to NFTs. It kept going.

We really owe a big portion of our existence around cryptocurrency to Vitalek Buterin, and the genius investors that helped him make it happen.


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