With inflation on the rise, how much of your portfolio should be crypto?



So we all know the usual (rather conservative in my opinion) statements by prominent investors or news outlets claiming the ideal spot of crypto in one’s portfolio would be 5-10%. I’m pretty sure the people saying this are mostly rich as fuck though and not telling you that the other 90-95% of their portfolio is not just sitting as FIAT on the bank account, but also invested in housing, gold and stocks.

In addition, we are witnessing an increase of worldwide FIAT inflation. In Europe, it is currently around +3-4% officially, and probably more like 5%+ in reality. So basically any FIAT you have on your bank account is devalued by 5%+ every year, in some countries you’ll even have to pay negative interest on top of that.

So taking this all into consideration, what do you think is currently the optimal percentage that crypto should take in the portfolio of a “regular” (as in “not already rich af”) investor?

Personally, I’ll be around 33% crypto at the end of the year. That’s money that would hurt me in the sense of maybe not having a big vacation next year if it went -50%, but otherwise not too much of a big deal. But for me it is a risk willing to take and a good compromise to not just watch all Fiat be eaten up by inflation while also having enough investment to potentially have significant gains.

What do you think?

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