With Christmas on the way, don’t worry if you can’t DCA as much as usual. Prioritize your loved ones.


So I had a choice, pay train tickets or DCA as much as usual. I decided to pay train tickets to see my parents this Christmas.

Don’t be mad if you can’t DCA because you have to pay for presents or for the travel you have to do this season. Remember to enjoy life, I feel like I sometimes lose sight of real life.

I’ll be very happy to see my family and yes, I’ll lose on this dip by buying less than usual but I’m so glad to have my mother in my arms and to tell my father how much I love him. These are more important than profit. We are from a poor background so there are not going to be gifts extradinary bananza but I’ll still feel blessed to have a little something for them.

I’ll remember those who can’t see their family or give anything to those they love.

For this Christmas, put crypto aside and prioritize real life (you still can offer crypto as a gift (but then offer some research on wallets and stuff)

Love you all!

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