With all of the talk surrounding Bitgert and Polkadot, I was even more hesitant about where to put my money. Should I go all in on Polkadot or diversify and put some money into the Bigert Chain?


I’m hoping to invest some more money into crypto, specifically Polkadot and Brise Chain, which I believe will flourish this year but I’m not sure which would provide a greater return on investment. Looking at their current status, I’ve found out from this article that Polkadot will be the home for social media disruptor. This just proves that a growing number of projects have chosen Polkadot’s parallel-but-connected blockchain to build on. I can’t help but think how it’s going to solve the decentralized problem. And I think this approach will be proven superior in time.

However, I read here that Bitgert threatens to outperform Polkadot by even surpassing its marketcap. They say that the Bitgert team has constructed a blockchain that is more powerful than the Polkadot chain. It is supposed to be faster and less expensive to use than the Polkadot chain.

With all of this buzz, I felt even more unsure about where I should invest. Is it preferable to invest majority on Polkadot or to diversify and put some money in the Bigert Chain?

Any help you guys can give would be appreciated. TIA

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