With 2021 coming close to an end, what did you learn about crypto investing?


Some of us have been investing in crypto markets for a long time, others have joined us recently. I believe we can all learn from each other’s past experiences and mistakes.

For me some of the things I’ve learnt about investing in cryptocurrencies are:

Avoid Sunk cost fallacy (Let’s say I invested $100 into a coin and it drops to $20. Would I buy this coin if I had $20 in cash? If not, I sell that coin and buy another) Look for coins with real life uses. Coins which have some sort of mission, other than making holders rich – those coin will disappear in crypto winter Some coins might be useful for real life use, but still be terrible for investing – eg. Filecoin (insane inflation) Always DYOR Always research coin’s founder, team, who is financing them, VCs? Community? Projects financed mostly by VCs are usually heavily price manipulated – eg. Solana Never buy/sell on emotions Instead use Fear/greed crypto index. Buy when others are fearful, sell when others are greedy Get my crypto off of exchanges to my own wallet ASAP Hold at least 50% of crypto portfolio in BTC/ETH Prioritise Proof of stake coin, coins which you can stake. Even 5% APY helps you a lot, because of compounding yield Extremely high %APY might have a catch – usually higher inflation Check Coinbase regularly for free learn to earn crypto If it has ‘Safe’ in its name, it’s usually the opposite of safe

Price action

If a solid coin(BTC, ETH, Luna, MATIC, ALGO imo) drops in price, buy more If a memecoin drops in price, consider selling and buying a solid coin instead Ignore Coinmarkecap’s daily winners, buying a memecoin which had insane run up is a foolish errand Buying solid coins at ATH can be profitable in some cases

What did you learn about investing in crypto in 2021?

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