Why the crypto market seems like it “makes no sense”.


BTC and ETH, the top two cryptos have been declining for the past week.

A dog token has increased by 177%, and breached the top 10.

Your alts aren’t pumping, and you can’t understand why. They are such good projects, with the infrastructure, white paper, and fan base to prove it. So you are left with frustration, jealousy, confusion, and the inevitable “crypto makes no sense”.

The problem isn’t the projects you invest in, it’s a misunderstanding of where we are in the phase of crypto existence.

Is BTC old and outdated? Yes. Are there better projects out there? Yes. Are these projects continuously developing new technology and acquiring funding? Yes.

Does any of this matter at all in the current moment? Not at all. The only thing that matters right now is real world use and recognition. No matter how great your Altcoin is going to be someday, or what new innovations it brings to the table, they don’t count for diddly-squat until they are ACTUALLY put to use for their purpose.

This subreddit, as great as it may be, has confused many people into believing that crypto is more mainstream than it really is. We are absolutely still in the development stage, and will end when all of the failed, obsolete, or meme projects fade away. Once we are left with the proud and the few, we will begin to see a shift towards the projects that matter.

Now don’t confuse what I’ve said above, for me saying that you shouldn’t invest in the projects you believe in. Now is definitely the time to invest in those projects. If your project ends up taking off, congratulations! But we will see a lot more SHIB scenarios happen before then, so buckle up, enjoy the ride, and maybe throw your extra cash at some gambly-wamby meme animals. If they take off, throw it back into the projects you believe in.

Anyways. Have a good day everyone.

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