Why So Serious?


I’ve seen a lot on this sub over the past four months. And it blows me away how a community can turn so rapidly from being excited for the future of blockchain technology to …. this.

Can’t post a joke here that’s clearly marked comedy without someone being offended or being a Karen.

Can’t post a comment regarding leverage trading and what it is doing to the mentality of the market without being called all kinds of things – but completely avoiding the point I was trying to make.

But whatever. Internet name calling hasn’t bothered me since well, the turn of the century when Reddit itself was the wild west just like 4chan.

We’ve gone from a pump and dump shitcoin cycle, to DeFi that as we all know NOW had degenerate, unsustainable APYs like Time Wonderland (even 20% – here’s to you Luna,) to the NFT “situation” and now since there really isn’t massive gains for non-whales we are in a mode where degenerate short selling and leverage trading are the means that people are still looking to get “moonshot” gains.

And now we are watching the collapse of dozens of exchanges, lending platforms and some “stable” coins as well, and there will be more to come in this bear market which I hate to break to it you moonboys – isn’t ending anytime soon.

We’ve also lost 2.2 TRILLION dollars in crypto market cap since the peak last year.

A lot of us that got into crypto in late 2020 and last year got in for the sole purpose of finding a new way to make money. We were shilled to death by YouTube, Twitter & Tiktok influencers, with the vast majority of us getting rekt. And since the “I’ve been here since 2017 crew” were the ones driving that and seemed to actually know what they were talking about – we believed them.

And as more comes out we find out more and more of the lies & deception, the perception of “crypto is a scam” just gets worse and worse in the mainstream mindset.

Whether you want to believe that or not, or think less of those people (which you clearly do) a TON of people from those platforms invested a TON of money and the horror stories speak for themselves.

There are still entire Discords (some even with paid subs) led by these “influencers” glorifying minute by minute leverage trades based on whatever they want the TA to look like in that moment and pumping up projects they have large bags of in order to dump on their followers.

If WAGMI is ever going to be real , we have to target those who are ruining the space for nothing more than their own personal brand & gains via flagrant manipulation and stop persecuting those who may not like your project, coin or point of view and support each other.

Until people wake up, they will continue to get rekt by whales that can buy xxx amount of a coin, pump the price, put in a short and then dump it to make even bigger gains while you all just keep getting liquidated on your leverage trades.

If we don’t then “crypto bros” will be what we are known as, and any kind of mainstream acceptance will simply never happen, let alone getting mainstream investors back in the space.

I usually comment often here and not post much, but I just feel this needed to be said.

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