Why must people only enter at ATH and say the whole crypto is bad if it goes down 5 to 10%.


BTC and ETH reached ATH and it made huge news throughout all social media. So these guys in my college were like this is the best time to enter, BTC and other alts price is increasing and we should buy it now and we’ll be in profit šŸ¤¦.

Yesterday everyone were complaining how this was a bad idea and how crypto is a scam to loot our money.

I want to explain things to them but I kinda fear that they will blame me for their stupid mistakes in future. So I keep the whole crypto thing a secret in college.

This is why knowledge about crypto is important before entering. Everyone wants 100x return in overnight, which needs a lot of luck.

Even I entered in ATH(before may crash) but I did research on my own and thanks to it, I hodled through the dip, bought myself a bad in dip and now I’m all green!

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