Why most wont make big gains (a story to inspire you)


So many of my friends, family & work colleagues proclaim in despair….

” if only i had bought Amazon back in the day or Facebook…i’d be set for life!”.

“buy BTC then” i say.

They laugh.

Heres the thing….

Most people desire a decent level of wealth.

Its not about lambos, its about having a decent level of freedom & security.

It’s about being able to look after your loved ones when times are hard.

It’s about having the freedom to do what you want , when you want.

But heres the catch.

Most people don’t have the bottle for it.

They will sell when they get a +25%, +50% or x2 gain on anything.

And they will definitely sell it when it goes down by more then -25% .

Thats true for Amazon ten years ago & BTC today.

You see these people look at the Amazon or Facebook stock chart & they don’t zoom in.

They ignore the extreme volatility of the day to day, week to week.

They forget the FUD, the naysers.

They forgot the mainstream media laughing at Bezos & regarding Amazon as a sham.

Even if they got in early they wouldn’t have the nerve to hold & ride it for the long term.

I was once one of these people too.

I bought BTC in 2017 and sold in 2018.

But heres the thing. You learn.

Experience teaches you and it hardens you.

So as China begins to collapse and global markets wobble, ask yourself the question.

Where do you want to be in ten years?

Do you want to be like everyone else, wishing they had got in early.

Or do you want to be the 1% that understand the nature of volatility and ride it all the way.

So stay calm.

Re-read the whitepaper.


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