Why is no one talking about how healthy and stable this new bull run is?


It’s insane how stable and healthy this new bull run has been. It’s even more crazy that no one is talking about it. Just look at the past few months, these are not the metrics we are used to. I’ve never seen a bull run this healthy before.

Only one major correction to the ATH. Compare this to the last bull run.

Ethereum has literally been a diagonal line going up

Just zooming back to the last bull run. There have been several significant corrections that wiped out as much as 20-50% of the market in a day leading up to the ceiling. This time we haven’t even had a double digit correction for a long time.

Hell, even seeing a red day is rare! If anything, any corrections are actually prolonged and healthy leading up to even bigger gains. IMO the bigger market cap is driving the market towards more stability. It’s absolutely incredible how healthy this bull run is!

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