Why is everyone talking about the next bear market?


People in this sub are acting like bear markets are predictable. Just because BTC has had two bear markets spaced evenly apart literally means nothing about what might happen in the future. Just a few factors that might influence macrodynamics:

We’ve been through rapid growth in the crypto world in terms of utility and asset… NFTs didn’t even exist during the last bear market (well maybe they did but they certainly weren’t popular)

There’s mainstream acceptance/institutional investors supporting BTC and other cryptos

We went through a global recession and pandemic and are now in a period of increased inflation.

Crypto is an emerging asset with frequent changes and is not remotely close to stabilizing into a cyclical pattern

Telling the future is impossible and nobody knows shit about fuck

Make good investments based on actual utility and belief in a project, and don’t pretend to have a unique clairvoyance into what is going to happen. You don’t know. I don’t know. Elon Musk doesn’t know. Nobody knows. So just chill and play the markets as they are. We’ve just hit ATHs and things are looking very good from all angles for crypto.

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