Why I’m Bullish on Harmony One and you should be too


Harmony One is a cross-chain blockchain project. Cross-chain means that it is designed to be a bridge between different blockchains. It was founded in California, USA by ex-FAANG* employees ( Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google )

Harmony One is one of those project that is here to stay and got a good team and community, I’m bullish on Harmony One in both the long term and short term

Harmony One’s mainnet runs ETH apps with just two seconds of transaction speed and a hundred times lower gas fee. Harmony One is pretty Fast , their mainnet supports four pieces of 1 000 nodes, producing one block in just two seconds Harmony One is also one of the first cryptocurrencies to implementing Sharding.

Roadmap looks pretty neat

Adoption. They want to increase it by conducting hackathons and workshops. The main focus is reaching more developers and partners first. Interoperability. New financial applications of the Harmony Network are believed to appear through cooperation with Bitcoin and Ethereum. That should bring more acceptable assets to become utilized by Harmony.

Decentralization. Validator community growth as well as network protocol features. As they say on their official page – “External voting power and resharding will guarantee our long-term governance”.

After complete decentralization (which is very soon) it could be trading on Coin base and Kraken. The biggest reason to be bullish on harmony one is its amazing team.

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