Why I think these little dips are good for the market


To avoid a bubble.

First and foremost, I know this may sound dumb but Crypto is a really new space, and any flash bull run, can also counter-react to its absolute crash as it did to many assets all over history. Market corrections are a great way t avoid a highly speculative market.

Gives chance to accumulate more!

We all want to get more Crypto before their inevitable mass adoption comes up, but dips are especially The, opportunities to do so! Getting ETH under $4.5K now is a deal to me!

Assures new investors.

This might be hard to get, but a market where the asset prices are only going up and above is no new to the investors, and most of them didn’t end up well. As I said earlier, other than it helping to avoid a bubble, it also attracts new Investors as its less likely to be a bubble if prices depreciate on a regular basis.

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