Why I think Michael Burry could be wrong – NFA


Some weeks ago, I made a post (that admittedly didn’t get much traction) stating that crypto influencers/YouTubers garnering a huge following off one huge correct call would not likely be able to duplicate their past success in calling the market due to their huge following which, in effect, becomes the “herd”.

I’m seeing the same thing happen with Michael Burry. The guy made one huge call in 2008 when nobody (i.e. no “herd”) was noticing, but now everyone seems to be apeing into what he’s doing. So, basically, he, like those crypto influencers/YouTubers, become the Pied Piper leading the herd. And we all know the market has a tendency to punish the herd.

Could he still be right? Of course. But I wouldn’t be betting the family farm on it.

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