Why i think LRC is a good buy and everyone should invest in it!


In the coming time, it will be interesting to see whether Loopring (LRC) maintains its average price at the surged price of over 50%. That being said, the majority of predictions are in favour of Loopring being a good long term investment.

Currently one option is to use the Binance Smart Chain, which allows users to interact with dApps for significantly less fees. As Loopring’s ecosystem and tech evolves, and more markets are added to Loopring’s layer-2 app, LRC can be another competitor to the Binance Smart Chain. While Loopring is by no means a direct competitor with Binance, there are some overlaps in the two projects. Overall, LRC makes for a great long term hold as the team has proven that the Loopring protocol works.

And people can’t stop talking about the potential GameStop partnership. So here’s what’s brewing between GameStop and Loopring:

1)Loopring’s github source code leak mentioning “GameStop” 2)GameStop’s recent NFT job listings 3)Loopring’s Ex Head of Business is now GameStop’s Head of Blockchain Development

4)$150 million LRC moving from layer 1 to layer 2

LRC to the moooonnnnnn

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